When it comes to warehousing our first priority is to maintain accuracy and accountability for inventory under our control - through strict procedures and a sophisticated warehouse management systems.


An effective computer system provides an important foundation for a good warehouse management system. CTI uses the acclaimed Storeman software as its primary warehouse management system. As required, CTI is able to provide interfaces or direct connections into client systems that use SAP, Manhattan and other software systems.

CTI uses industry-leading Cisco and Motorola equipment to provide stable and efficient computing and communications systems.

Efficiency is a driver in any warehouse, and CTI has the capability to use Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanning to improve warehouse accuracy and efficiencies.

The Storeman system covers:

  • Packing
  • Picking
  • Batching of orders (wave picking)
  • Batch / lot and key date control
  • Fixed picking with managed replenishment
  • Max-min replenishment
  • Storage & services invoicing
  • Cycle checking and / or full stock take
  • Consignment notes and manifests
  • Serial number control
  • Catch weight and batch
  • Activity based costing/invoicing
  • Multiple quarantine types
  • Dangerous goods
  • Sales history / usage / stock cover reporting
  • Extensive operational management reporting
  • Email distribution of reports

Storeman can combine with RF, to provide:

  • RF receipting
  • RF picking
  • RF based relocations and replenishments
  • RF item location Inquiry

With the introduction of the RF scanning functionality, paper flow and double handling of paperwork are greatly reduced, and this leads to a more effective and efficient system. Real-time functionality provides for improved processing and decision making. When coupled with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) this enables us to eliminate keying errors and significantly reduce the cost and time required to process orders.

Supply Base Management

Supply Base Management can be an important aspect of a supply chain, especially for project work. Understanding and carefully managing the process of purchasing and procuring materials and components is vital for the success of a project.

Our approach to Supply Base Management is systematic and dynamic. This ensures that the resultant supply base operations comprehensively fulfil the customer’s and project’s requirements.

CTI’s Supply Base Management service provides turn-key solutions which include among other elements, material planning, procurement, domestic and offshore sourcing, vendor management, inventory and materials lifecycle planning.



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