CTI Project Logistics offer services to exporters, freight brokers and freight forwarders.

Our experience allows us to provide advice on the safest, most time efficient and cost effective means of handling yours or your clients product.

Before arriving at a CTI facility, we can coordinate;

  • Local, regional and interstate transport
  • Specialised lifting and loading
  • Packing restraining and loading

Once in CTI hands, we offer;

  • Laydown and holding of your product
  • Inventory management through our warehouse management system
  • Provide product quality inspection
  • Confirm receipt of product quantities against supplier manifest and/or purchase orders

In preparing for export (loading), CTI will;

  • Coordinate asset (container, flat rack, stillage, bin, specialised packaging etc.) required for loading
  • Load asset in line with client instructions
  • Liaise with shipping inspectors
  • Complete packaging documentation (including DG declaration MO41)
  • Coordinate VGM
  • Provide physical loading timeline through photos
  • Deliver asset to wharf

Specialised ancillary services offered for loading, include;

  • Crane hire
  • Preservation Packaging and Wrapping of plant and machinery
  • Pest treatments
  • Restraint supply

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