CTI has been assessed by Chevron and has demonstrated it has the necessary expertise, resources and manpower to wrap, handle, store and pack plant and equipment destined for Barrow Island.

Gorgon Project Statement

In 2009 CTI Project Logistics (CTI) developed a specialist wrapping and logistics unit to provide quarantine logistics services to the Chevron Gorgon Project.

CTI’s key commitments are:

  • To provide Chevron and its contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers with a level of service and workmanship equal to or higher than that provided by their in-house personnel.
  • To work with Chevron and its contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to promote an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) environment.
  • To work with all parties associated with the Gorgon Project to ensure the integrity of the quarantine barrier established to prevent non-indigenous species being introduced to Barrow Island.

Our overall goal is to do “whatever it takes” to satisfy our clients’ needs and achieve these objectives.

Management - Gorgon Project Quarantine Logistics

CTI has applied all aspects of the Gorgon Project’s world-class Quarantine Management System to delivering mobile and supply base quarantines services.

The Gorgon Quarantine Management Systems governs all materials, personnel, vessels and aircraft travelling to Barrow Island.

CTI’s Quality Management System encompasses our own Quarantine Management Plan (QMP).

CTI’s QMP is structured in accordance with ISO: 9001 and complies with Chevron’s quality management specifications.

CTI has adopted the Gorgon Project’s Incident and Injury Free (IIF) culture and our injury statistics reflect this commitment.

Our people take great pride in their work to ensure Barrow Island’s biodiversity is protected and key CTI employees have won awards for their work in this regard.

Experience - Gorgon Quarantine Logistics
CTI has worked with Chevron as a key subcontractor on the Gorgon Project since 2009.

CTI has been instrumental in helping our customers to achieve critical milestones, while remaining ‘safety focused’ and ‘quarantine aware’.

CTI estimates that by January 2014 (the CTI freight profile peak for Gorgon), at least 25% of the project assets “passed through CTI hands”.

“Passed through CTI Hands” means that CTI has:

  • Receipted supply chain assets into a CTI site;
  • Provided inventory control;
  • Managed quarantine compliant short and long term storage;
  • Remediated non-compliant goods (inspection and quarantine clean washing);
  • Packaged, shrink wrapped and restrained a variety of commodities onto flat racks and into containers;
  • Provided a total pest control solution; and
  • Handled assets into the Gorgon Project supply chain.

The CTI safety, resource and people management systems have allowed CTI to:

  • Provide the Gorgon Project with up to 300 experienced, inducted and qualified personnel to work on CTI sites and Gorgon Project subcontractor sites;
  • Resource and manage 7 CTI facilities including a warehouse and hardstand footprint of up to 85,000m² (temperature managed, dangerous goods, AQIS approved, Gorgon approved);
  • Provide Chevron compliant materials handling equipment including cranes ranging up to 250t and forklifts ranging up to  45t;
  • Resource and manage up to 24 project sites in a single working day; and
  • Operate 7 days per week

Chevron has awarded CTI and its individual employees for their commitment and compliance, including a Champion award to CTI Projects General Manager Tim Barton.

CTI has an inbuilt service culture and willingness to learn and work honestly with our service partners.

We pride ourselves on being willing to learn from industry ‘best practice’ and to quickly adapt and apply this knowledge to the ever changing safety and environmental landscapes.

CTI has completed work on behalf of Gorgon Project sub-contractors that includes:

Chevron Certificate of Appreciation


BWI Biodiversity

CTI Gorgon Services

Quarantine Champion Award

Cable reels


Gorgon Project Clients